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An index of my posts.

Image of Barn Owl from Canva. Processed by me using Gimp 2.10 and license free fonts.

I start with my most recent words, then move on to the previous ones. I will update this post whenever is required. These are the 15 stories -as of now- I’ve written for the 💯Story Challenge.

They currently feature vampires, cyborg lovers, werewolves, serial killers, foot fetishists, sinful priests, ancient Greek mythical creatures, contract killers and, of course, non terrestrial aliens. I love aliens:

My💯Story Challenge Shorts

100 stories

These are my poems. Largely love poems, but there is also zombie poetry, vampire poetry, surreal poetry, erotic poetry, inspirational poetry and other poetry:

All My Poems

173 stories
An AI rendered dragon emerging above the clouds, with Sun in the background.

Below I have listed all my fiction, including the 💯Story Challenge shorts above. Apart from them I have published:

1. A short story set in modern Hokkaido, Japan split in 3 parts, “The Field of Ice and Blood.” It is a very adult story, and most of its characters are members of the yakuza. I chose this story for the header image.

2. The first 2 chapters of my post-apocalyptic novel “Time Capsule.” This story is also set in Japan, but in the future. I completed this novel last summer, and is intended as Part 1 of a trilogy.
3. The first 2 chapters of Thomas in Aberdeen Abbey, a not particularly explicit erotica story from the Thomas Bergensen series, set in an abbey in Scotland.

4. My short story Paradise Found, split in 2 parts. I cannot explain what this story is about in a few words without spoiling it.
5. And finally some nano-stories (up to 50 words) from Twitter and a few erotica flash fiction stories up to 150 words which I might move or copy to a dedicated list later:

My Fiction

217 stories
Sappho and Alcaeus (1881), by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836–1912). Oil on panel, 66 x 122 cm (25.9 x 48 in). Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland. Alcaeus of Mytilene playing a kithara while Sappho and her disciples listen.

I left my non fiction articles for last. Everything from deep childhood trauma, bean-spilling, super personal memoirs (the 3-part Bipolar Type I series) to (p)reviews of TV shows, anime and movies, and articles about space telescopes, climate change, inflation etc:

My Non Fiction

203 stories
The play depicts Medea, who, jealous of her husband Jason’s second marriage to Glauce, decides to kill her rival and her own children to take revenge on Jason, and flees with their corpses in Helios’ chariot to the sacred forest of Hera, in Athens.

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