Strictly No Turtles

A poem for children of all ages

Nikolaos Skordilis
3 min readMar 30, 2022


A large wooden door inside a gated building with a ‘no turtles allowed’ sign on top of it
Public Domain Image | Further processed by yours truly

Once upon a day a girl saved a little turtle
the turtle’s mom was gone
and it was now left all alone

The girl saw a hawk attack the little turtle
to have it as a morning snack
but she scared it off with a smack

The girl took in the little turtle
like it, she also felt so alone
she couldn’t leave it on its own

The girl befriended the little turtle
the two were very much alike
she showed it around with her bike

The girl was fond of the little turtle
and so, it seemed, the turtle was of her
both of their hearts started to recover

The girl was similar to the little turtle
her mommy was gone as well
one day she passed in a hotel

The girl wanted to please the little turtle
so she arranged a surprise for it
she was sure it would adore it

The girl one morning took the little turtle
for a longer trip outside of town
she felt the turtle was feeling down

The girl meant well for the little turtle
she heard of a place for animals and pets
where it was fun and games, with no vets!

The girl took a bus along with the little turtle
but when she arrived at the Pet Club
she found out her little friend was shunned

The girl was sad to hear turtles were banned
‘Strictly No Turtles’ read a large sign
she felt a cold shiver down her spine

The girl could not understand
‘What did turtles ever do? Why ban them?
Do they hate them or not understand them?’

The girl suddenly felt very depressed
all of her zest, all her energy vanished
after her precious friend was banished

The girl started weeping and crying
but after a while a little boy arrived
he saw the sign, drooped and sighed

The little boy did not come alone
a little tortoise was resting in his hands
the boy saw them and queried her plans

The little girl and the little boy
soon started chatting, laughing and joking
each other’s nose their friends were poking

The little children stopped feeling sad
they hanged out together from now on
and they became each other’s Pet Club

Loosely inspired by Lisa Mantchev’s Strictly No Elephants



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