Kiss Me Till the End of Time— A Poem/Song (updated with song)

I recorded my first inner song

Nikolaos Skordilis
1 min readAug 1, 2022


Couple kisses with the Sun being directly between them.
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

🎶Kiss me till the End
and to the Beginning
my Lover and Friend
my mind is spinning

As the sand kisses water
receive my mouth and lips
dry me out it’s no bother
my heart is missing beats

🎶Kiss me till the End of Time
till all the Stars turn dim
be the One, my Eros Prime
my Pyrrha, Eve and Líf

Kiss me till the End of Time
till all the Light is gone
our Love will be so sublime
that a new world will Dawn

🎶One filled with Perfect Beauty
beyond borders, race and flesh
where you will be the same cutie
who glows like fire in a red dress

Until that Day comes my Love
let’s hug each other tight
oases to two thirsty doves
for each other, let’s be tonight 🎶

© Nikolaos D. Skordilis | August 2022

A poem/song by Nikolaos Skordilis I finally recorded my inner song… I hope you like it.
I will probably keep this permanently pinned. Love and cuddles everyone 💖

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