I Still Love You Dear

And I always will

Nikolaos Skordilis
4 min readMay 7
A heart hand drawn on a piece of paper with a fuchsia pastel crayon.
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Though my mind is again free of you
I love you like Valerie loved Eve
even though she never met her
no friends, lovers or partners labels

No expectations, no need for reciprocation
no conditions, no divisions, no nothing
just pure, freely given, unconditioned Love
that smallest, most precious, most fragile thing

The only treasure, which none must take from us
I’m back to loving you like I’ve loved you the last year
when I loved your words and the one behind them
when I started considering you might be the One

I’m empowered by Love to admit it now
both in a public and private setting
my words in both domains are the same
I do not, I cannot distinguish them like many do

I was afraid to respond for half a year
I was worried we would end up where we did
I do not know if you are the one or not
my heart is full of Love for you again
but my mind is, once again, free

I hope you forgive my harsh, pain-fueled words
my heart was shattered while I wrote them
I almost deleted them before sending them
but -selfishly- I wanted you to feel my pain

Ego and obsession at work, as usual
when someone occupies your mind
you do not really love them
you even start hating them

My heart bled while I wrote them
I felt like it started turning to stone
my eyes cold, frozen, not a single tear
I felt Love, all Love, dying inside me 😔

I write no more harsh words for you
in fact I might delete them all
at some point two poets should…



Nikolaos Skordilis

Wordweaver and occasional song and visuals weaver from 🇬🇷