Gentle Please

A love story

Nikolaos Skordilis
6 min readFeb 3, 2023


Image by Daniel Perrig from Pixabay

Lina and Klaus broke up about a decade ago. They had a relationship that was ostensibly only about sex. Lina wanted no emotional attachments and Klaus -fresh from a broken heart- was OK with that.

She lusted for hardcore sex. Her only way to reach an orgasm, she said, was by getting penetrated roughly and deeply in her backdoor while she played with her clit.
The fiercest the penetration the stronger her orgasm.

Klaus loved that too, because he felt in control. She loved calling her his little slut, and even worse names than that. He was supposed to be the Dom but she set the limits, as all subs do.

And she barely had any limits. She started pressuring Klaus to hit her harder. What started as spanks moved on to tit torture, non permanent marks, then slaps and eventually she asked to be punched in the face.

That was a red line for Klaus. He had enough and wanted to take a step back. Lina had confused pleasure with pain. In her mind those were one, and she had convinced herself she could not get pleasure without pain. And so she couldn’t.

During that year Klaus did not really feel happy. Their relationship was becoming more and more toxic. They say that love without sex is cowardly, but sex without love is a torture device. Pleasure without happiness feels like suffering.

Whenever he tried to get gentle with her she pushed him away. She said that gentle sex -even just a gentle touch- woke up her romantic feelings from their slumber. She had placed them in a vault and threw away the key.

And gentle body contact could wake them up. She also did not like kissing her anywhere. Not even in the mouth. Klaus started postponing their dates, Lina sensed he was going to leave her and she suggested they take a break while leaving the option to reconnect later too.

Klaus assumed this was a polite way to say that she wanted to break up with him and he countered that they should break up…



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